Sucess Stories :

Kashmira Sunni- Actress, Dancer, Choreographer, London, UK

Working with Neha was a fantastic experience. Her creativity and knowledge of her craft is second to none and yet she has her feet firmly on the ground. I was delighted to perform to her choreography and was struck by the ability to see the bigger picture of group choreography and formation while also paying great attention to the detail and visual of the individual dancer within the group. My performances with Neha are among most favourite from my 29 year career in dancing and I very much hope look forward to working with Neha again in the future.

Sara Santosh Expedith

I had the pleasure of being taught Bollywood dance by Neha for two years in London. Neha always brought a ray of sunshine to the class as her passion for dance shone through so even the most novice of dancers felt completely at ease and relaxed in her presence. Neha's class was a structured form of choreography which was taught in a very simplistic way. She would break each of the moves down so that for me as a student, it would be very easy to adopt the moves and also to retain them through building up my dance memory so that each week, I would be able to learn the next part of the choreography. Skilled dance teachers apply this method and before long, I would be dancing to the latest Bollywood tune in such a way that I would be able to perform in front of an audience. Neha's calm and pleasant approach has allowed me to develop into a semi-professional Bollywood dancer and to perform in front of a variety of difference audiences. Her classes also helped to develop my confidence and my enthusiasm for dance. Neha is very good at developing the talent of younger students and also encouraging more apprehensive students to obtain some truly unique dance skills. This comes from her experience in a variety of dance forms. So whether you aspire to be the next Bollywood superstar or to perform at a family wedding, Neha will help you to achieve your dream. London has lost a truly inspirational teacher.

Dhruvi Mehta

Sarjan Nartan had made a phenomenal, Life-changing impact on me. Neha Patel, who had been my biggest inspiration ever since I joined the company,has not only taught me dance and how to be a successful performer, but she has also inspired how to be determined in everything I do. I am with Neha mam since 6years, since than dance is no more my hobby its my passion. First think which inspired me has her expressive eyes and it will also inspire further. She is professional but at same time she treated all of us like her child.its like I can't ask for anything's a great pleasure and a great honor to learn from her.Initially I had moves, and I have grooves now. Its because of her that we were able to perform at wel-known stages..I sincerely thank Neha Mam and Sarjan Nartan for being a huge part of my life. It has become an essential part of who I am today.

Dr. Bharti Dave, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of English M.P. Arts and M.H. Commerce College for Women, Ahmedabad.

I have had the privilege to know Neha as a human being, a friend, a teacher and even as a homemaker. She is not only a friend of mine but she is also associated with the college where I serve i.e. M. P. Arts and M. H. Commerce College for Women, Ahmedabad, where she has been training the students in dance since past six to seven years. Her sincere efforts have taken our students to the heights of success.

The purity of her soul reflects in each and every role that she performs. She according to me is a great 'guru' who is loved and revered by her students. Her dedication towards the art of dancing and her sincere intent to preserve the traditional art forms is incredible and that makes her a perfectionist. She is also a wonderful friend and a human being whom I can trust blindly without a doubt. She is an equally responsible, caring and loving mother, wife and a daughter-in-law. She is a blessed child of Maa Saraswati and Lord Shiva.

Akanksha V. Khatri

Neha Patel's work impressed audience on multiple levels. She has an exceptional ability regarding her entire dance processes. I strongly recommend neha patel for creative strategy work at all level of dance. It was also nice working with her in "SARJAN NARTAN ACADAMY" as an associate and also lots of thing to learn from her associated with dance.

Punam Varsani, London, UK

I have had the honor to be taught by and dance alongside Nehaben who is a truly talented dancer and teacher. Garba dances which are choreographed by her are energetic, unique and gets crowds to their feet! While semi-classical dance choreography is meaningful, displaying a great story. As a student I really appreciated the high standard that Nehaben set, alongside the commitment and attention to detail that was given to us to ensure that final performances were polished to perfection. All the practices were also filled with jokes, smiles and laughter!

Umesh Raichada, London, UK

We have known Mrs Neha Patel for number of years as both our daughters Karishma and Kareena Raichada have been attending a dance Academy in London where she used to teach while she was in London a few years back. As an overview we thought Mrs Neha Patel was extremely reliable punctual in terms of her timekeeping had a fantastic ability to teach a wide range of people and above all and she was excellent dance instructor and she had the patience to teach her teaching methods is excellent we have no hesitation in recommending Neha Patel for any future roles as a dance instructor or the teacher and she has the capability to deliver excellent training and teaching.